Pipe Openings

Quickly generate and manage openings in host elements cross- discipline


Creating openings for model objects no longer needs to be a time-consuming and detailed task. Using the GRAITEC PowerPack for Revit® Openings tool, designers can now swiftly generate openings at intersections which can be instantly assessed at the click of a button. The model can be interrogated further to discover intersecting pipes, ducts, cable trays and other linear items and openings can be globally applied in a single action, saving considerable time.

The Pipe Opening tool actively monitors intersections using a traffic light color coding system, giving the designer an early advantage of avoiding costly complications when collisions arise, and to greatly improve communication and co-ordination between disciplines. Default openings can be applied based on the service size, range or shape, and any changes made by mechanical designers are monitored by the tool, with the ability to view and approve the effects.

Generate openings in common Revit® model hosts such as walls, floors & roofs for ducts, pipes, conduits and cable trays from either live graphics or linked models to ensure fine communication between disciplines

Quickly zoom to the instance in the model to improve your awareness of the latest project information. Edit individually the settings for each particular opening and view its associated host and cutting element.

Change the settings of the default offsets for varying element section sizes to ensure control over factors effecting constructability according to the project requirements. Apply globally to quickly update the model.

Be in control of changes to geometry in the project by using the alerts feature of the tool. When a pipe changes diameter, or location, simply update the opening instance with a single click, vastly improving co-ordination over previous detection methods, and encouraging the conversation between disciplines.

Efficiently assess and optimise separate openings generated by the tool swiftly to ensure efficient design and to improve constructability.

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