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Steel Structure Designer

An extensive range of building definitions and tools enabling users to configure complete structures in seconds


Fully compatible with Autodesk Advance Steel 2018 and Advance Design 2018

The Steel Structure Designer, part of GRAITEC BIM Designer Collection, incorporates an extensive range of building definitions and tools enabling users to configure complete structures in seconds., from standard building shapes used in industry (platforms, steel halls), to more complex models, such as office buildings or structures with curved roofs, in seconds. Designed to save you considerable time and money, the functionalities of the Steel Structure Designer are able to run across multiple platforms including Autodesk® Advance Steel, GRAITEC Advance Design and as a standalone applications, enabling flexible and intelligent BIM workflows.

Compatible with:

Several complete building templates have been preconfigured and are available directly from the ribbon for creating entire 3D models in a matter of seconds.

The advanced features enable any structure to be customized by navigating through and adjusting the options in the tabs from the Steel Structure designer. First define the geometry of the structure (rows, bays, levels), then the portal frames that will support the roof, intermediate columns, side and roof bracings, railing and purlins, including steel panels, or cladding, that cover the entire structure.


Define the Portals, Gable Post profiles, Site Bracings and Roof Bracings to the required catalogreferences. Edit the parameters, easily copy bay or row features and determine the layout

Define the number of levels, number of bays and how many rows in each bay and create as identical elements or edit individually. Enable or disable side bracings, portals and purlins

Edit the bays, levels and rows and edit portals, gable posts and various bracings to the side or roof

Check out all the features of the Steel Structure Designer

Quickly select the structural element profile from the available list

Select the number of levels and bays to define the structure

Define and edit spacing between bays along the X axis

Define and edit bays, level heights and roof types along the Y axis

Add and edit intermediate columns on the two gables

Automatically displays the purlins on the rafters

Automatically displays side rails on the columns

Create any type of horizontal bracings on building roofs

Create both internal and external platforms on buildings

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