Glass Data

Modelling glass panels in Autodesk Advance Steel


Through the commands grouped under the Glass category, the GRAITEC Advance PowerPack for Autodesk Advance Steel can be used for creating glass panels.

The Glass data command has the ability to store the profiles that will be used to insert glass panels. The input beams can be selected in two ways:

  • Open the dialog window and choose from the combo box the profiles that will be used to insert the glass panels.
  • Select the existing profiles that will be used to insert the glass panels, and then access the Glass Data option.

           Note:     It is mandatory to save each profile that will be used to insert glass panels.

After storing the profiles, the panels can be defined using Define Panels option. This feature has the ability to create more layers of glass and to select the desired glass type. When applying the command, a dialog opens, allowing the user to select the number and type of glass layers that compose the panel.

To be able to create the glass panels, the contour of the profiles must be closed.

By applying the command and choosing the contour profiles, the glass panels are created between the selected profiles.

The Delete and Save buttons are used for deleting/saving a defined panel, while Save as and Rename open a Define panels dialog, where a name can be entered for the panel.


Creating material lists for glass panels

Using the Graitec PowerPack on top of Autodesk Advance Steel allows users to create material lists for glass panels.

After numbering the model, run the Glass list command.

           Note:     The glass panels must be selected before creating a glass list.

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