How is a linear meter distribution used?

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    Autodesk® Advance Concrete
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    Autodesk® Advance Concrete - Reinforcement
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    > 2011
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Advance Concrete 2011 provides the option to distribute straight bars using a linear meter. This new function proves to be very useful, for example, when we have to create a reinforcement drawing for a structural element (wall, slab, etc), where the bars have same diameter but different lengths. The linear meter distribution is also very useful when we want to cut the bars at the desired length on the construction site, because the order is made by linear meters.

To use this new function select all the bar definitions, and in their properties window select the "None" option from the "Workshop instructions" category.

How is a linear meter distribution used

This kind of distribution can only be applied to straight bars. Bent reinforcement bars are ignored.

In this example, using the linear meter distribution, we will start a reinforcement drawing for a wall with a door or with a window opening. We will not create a full reinforcement drawing for this wall; we will use only straight bars to highlight this new function.

How is a linear meter distribution used

How is a linear meter distribution used

These bars are the bars that will be used in this example, before the "None" option is used. These bars are straight reinforcement bars that have the same diameter but different lengths - this is why they have different bar marks.
How is a linear meter distribution used

After the "None" option is used, as long as the bars have the same diameter they will have the same mark even if they have different lengths.

A reinforcement bar will lose these properties if it will no longer be a straight bar (if we add hooks Advance Concrete will disable all the "Workshop instructions" options).

How is a linear meter distribution used

If a reinforcement drawing was made with the "3D power" option enabled, straight reinforcement bars with the "None" option selected will ignore it, which means that same bar can be distributed more than once.

How is a linear meter distribution used

When we create a list for linear diameter bars, it will display only total length and the total quantity of bars.

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