What is necessary to use Advance Steel under Autodesk Mechanical 2011?

  • Information
  • Software
    Autodesk® Advance Steel
  • Module
    Autodesk® Advance Steel - All
  • Version
    > 2011
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  • Difficulty

Even if AutoCAD Mechanical is not listed yet as an official platform on the Graitec website, Advance Steel does run in Autodesk Mechanical 2011 if you follow the instructions in this FAQ. We ran several days of tests and we did not encounter any specific problems.

1. Installation of Autodesk Mechanical: Install Autodesk Mechanical following the instructions from Autodesk and restart the system after the complete and successful installation.

2. Start Autodesk Mechanical and go to the options by using the "op" command. Go to the profile-register and choose the < < Vanilla > > profile and activate it. Create a new profile called "AS", save and activate it.

3. Change the workspace to "3D-Modeling", type "menubar" on the command line and change the system variable to "1". Save the workspace and close Autodesk Mechanical.

4. Install Advance Steel 2011 following the instructions from the installation guide.

5. Choose the Icon on the desktop for Advance Steel with the right mouse button and go to properties.
Change the destination for Windows XP 64-bit to "C:Program FilesGraitecAdvance Steel2011SteelBinAdvanceSteel9x64.exe" /p "AS" /T "C:Documents and settingsAll UsersApplication Data GraitecAdvance Steel2011SharedSupportTemplatesASTemplate.dwt",

for Vista or Win7 64-bit change it to "C:Program FilesGraitecAdvance Steel2011SteelBinAdvanceSteel9x64.exe" /p "AS" /T "C:ProgramDataGraitecAdvance Steel2011SharedSupportTemplatesASTemplate.dwt",

for Windows XP 32-bit to "C:Program FilesGraitecAdvance Steel2011SteelBinAdvanceSteel9x86.exe" /p "AS" /T "C:Documents and settingsAll UsersApplication Data GraitecAdvance Steel2011SharedSupportTemplatesASTemplate.dwt"

and for Vista or Win7 32-bit to "C:Program FilesGraitecAdvance Steel2011SteelBinAdvanceSteel9x86.exe" /p "AS" /T "C:ProgramDataGraitecAdvance Steel2011SharedSupportTemplates ASTemplate.dwt".

6. Start Advance Steel using this changed icon.