How is the mesh on planar elements modified?

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    Advance Design - General
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    > 2011
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Planar elements mesh options - by selecting one or more planar elements and accessing the properties window the options that can be modified are highlighted in the Mesh category.

How is the mesh on planar elements modified

i. Automatic - when this option is active, the structural elements imposed/intersect will be automatically connected and will have common nodes (please see the linear mesh options).

ii. Type - this refers to the mesh style: Complete, Triangulation and None.
        - Complete - the mesh is generated according to the options defined in the global mesh options window.
        - Triangulation - a complete triangular mesh with nodes at only the sides of the planar element.

Note: This option is useful when membrane element types are analyzed; elements which do not have bending rigidity.

        - None - the element is not meshed and the nodes are created only at each definition point of the element.

How is the mesh on planar elements modified

Density - the drop-down list contains the options for the global, simplified and detailed definition of the mesh.

iii. Global - keep the global mesh options defined in the general mesh options of the model.
iv. Simplified definition - the number of the meshes can be defined on each main direction.

Two mesh elements have been assigned on the vertical direction and six elements on the horizontal for the element shown in the following figure. We can see that the only mesh type unaffected is the one with "None".

How is the mesh on planar elements modified

v. Detailed definition - the number of mesh objects can be defined on each side of the planar element, the number of sides does not matter.

How is the mesh on planar elements modified

The options that can be chosen for, Number, Size, Spacing, and Secondary size are the same as for the linear elements, see FAQ: How is the mesh on linear elements modified?.