What is the purpose of the ‘.upd’ files?

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    Autodesk® Advance Steel
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    Autodesk® Advance Steel - Detailing
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    > 2010
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When details are generated ".upd" files are automatically created by Advance Steel. Each detail has a corresponding ".upd" file.

What is the purpose of the '.upd' files

These files contain information about the model and are used for a faster update of the details, when necessary.
When a detail is deregistered, it will automatically be moved with the ".upd" file to the "DeRegistered" folder.

What is the purpose of the '.upd' files

There are 2 cases when registering the details:

1. The user has the ".upd" files;
2. The user has erased or lost the ".upd" files.

Case 1
Before a register, the user must copy the ".dwg" and ".upd" files to the "Details" folder, where the details will be registered.

What is the purpose of the '.upd' files

In this case, in the "Document Manager", the status of the details will be update only if, in the model, changes were made.

Case 2
When the registration is made without an ".upd" file, a new file will be created automatically. This new ".upd" does not have information about the model or about BOMs from drawings.
To have information in the ".upd" file about the model, the user must "force update" the registered details.

What is the purpose of the '.upd' files

To complete the file with information about the BOMs from details, the user must open the detail and use the "Update list" command.

What is the purpose of the '.upd' files

These two cases are the steps to view the real condition of the details in the "Document Manager".

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