How does the scribing option work for NC files?

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    Autodesk® Advance Steel
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    Autodesk® Advance Steel - NC files
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Scribing is a new feature available since Advance Steel 2010. Several details regarding how this feature works:

1. Scribing works for beams, and recognizes any element attached to them (beams or plates). It does not work for tubes or round elements because they do not have straight surfaces.

2. The attached elements must touch the profile on the NC surfaces. Generally, the NC surfaces are the main sides of a beam. For example, the NC surfaces of an I-profile are the sides of the web and the outer side of the flanges, thus only the elements attached to those surfaces generate data for the scribing option.

3. Scribing is obtained only for the Main Parts. In the NC settings dialog box, the behavior must be defined as NC Based on Main Part Numbers.

How does the scribing option work for NC files

4. Scribing information will appear in the NC file in the block called PU and as a text in the SI block. Also there will be a contour detailed in the NC-DXF file.

How does the scribing option work for NC files