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Bridge Solution Results



  • Manage envelopes of combinations of the same type
  • Time history analysis with results as a function of time
  • Stresses in the composite beams (with construction stages)



  • Results displayed in the powerful spreadsheets compatible with Excel
  • Pre-defined design brief calculation sheet for steel and wood
  • Displays clause from the design standard and combination governing the design of each member (resistance, forces and deflection)
  • Design load rate of each member
  • Resistances Mrx, Mry, Vrx, Vry, Tr, Cr, Cr (stability) and Tz
  • Effective length ratio (KLx/rx, KLy/ry, KLz/rz and KL/r max)
  • Critical deflection for the strong and weak axis (L/Δ max)
  • Graphical display and custom spreadsheet
  • Graphical display of forces with numerical values
  • Results curves and displacement
  • Amplitude adjustment of graphical displayed results
  • BOMs (length of members and sections, volume of steel and surface area)


Reinforced Concrete

  • Interactive display of rebar placement results (beams and columns)
  • Display of the force diagrams and resistances
  • Displays the 3D interaction curves (Mrx, Mry vs Prz) for the columns
  • Variation of stresses in the rebar
  • Bending moments, shear forces, reaction, axial and torsional forces in the direction x, y and z
  • Reinforcing bar list for the concrete members


Pre-Stressed Concrete

  • Shrinkage, creep, losses in the pre-stressing cables
  • Stress results in the cable for each stage of construction:
- Initial pre-tensioned cable
- Initial post-tensioned cable
- Composite post-tensioned cable
- External post-tensioned cable
  • Stresses in the concrete due to service loads for each stage of construction
  • Deflection due to service loads including the effects of creep and shrinkage
  • Bending moments and shear forces due to secondary effects of pre-stressing for each step of construction
  • Stress variations due to fatigue
  • Resistance of the slab in compression and tension for each stage of construction


Finite Elements

  • Interactive colour contouring regions

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