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Bridge Solution Packages

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2D and 3D structures
Linear elements: Members 12 DOF, Cables, Released in Tension or Compression, Rigid, Elastic Supports
Surface Elements: Shell, Plate, Membrane, Stress or Plane Strain 6 DOF/Node
1-way or 2-ways Floors, Floor Joists, Rigid or Flexible (Diaphragm)
Adjustable Rigid Support, Elastic or Blocked (Released Non-Linear Supports)
Concentrated, Linear and Surface Loads, Imposed Masses, Restraints
Structure Generators: Frames, Arches, Trusses, Roof or Bridge Trusses, 3D Roofs
Load Cases: Self Weight and Dead Loads, Live, Snow, Wind, Seismic, and Temperature Loads
Master-Slave Node Link
Semi-Rigid Link Between Linear Elements
Composite Sections
Metric or Imperial Units
Multilingual (English, French & Spanish)
Online Help and Extensive Manual
Spring Element Behavior for a Member
Accidental, Time-Dependent and Vibrational Loads
Culvert Generator
Pile, Abutment and Retaining Wall Generators


Sections: Concrete, steel, timber
Steel Catalogues: AISI, AISC
Mechanical Properties Section Calculator (Including St-Venant Torsion)


Concrete (A23, ACI-318, S6, AASHTO, NEBT)
Steel (AISI, AISC, General Cold Formed Sections)
Concrete Reinforcement (G30.18, A615)
Studs (Neilson)
Cohesive Soils, Sands and Rock
Steel Deck (Canam)
Cables (Grade1760 and 1860)


Automatically Generated Mesh: Delaunay
Mesh Created According to Members


Static analysis
Modal analysis
Seismic Analysis (S6)
Linear Analysis with Released Members and/or Supports
Non-Linear 2nd Order Analysis
Multi-Processor Solver
Influence Line Analysis (Mobile Loads 2D and 3D)
Linear Time History Analysis
Non-Linear Time History Analysis Including Pall Friction Dampers (linear elastic - perfectly plastic)
Bridge Evaluation (S6)
Multi-Stage Analysis (Composite Beams and Pre-stressed Concrete)
Pushover Analysis


Available Standards: S6, AASHTO
User-Defined Combinations
Concomitance Management
Complete Moving Load (Trucks) Scenario Generator


Reinforcement of Linear and Planar Elements, Longitudinal and Transverse Reinforcement
Rebar Placement of Beams, Columns, Shear Wall, Slabs, Piers, Abutments
Shallow Foundation Rebar Placement Calculations
Concrete Columns Verification Using the 3D Interaction Curves
Crack Opening Check
Available Standards: S6, AASHTO
Consideration of Torsion
Verification of Capacity for Pre-Stressed Systems at Each Stage of Construction


Buckling Lengths, Lateral-Torsional Buckling Calculation and Verification of Deflection
Member Resistance and Stability
Steel Cross Section Optimization
Available Standards: S6, AASHTO
Capacity of Propped Composite Steel-Concrete Beams
Capacity of Composite Steel-Concrete Beams with Construction Stages
Design of Steel Plate Box Girder


Calculation of Capacity Based on Stratigraphical Profile
Sizing and Spacing of Shallow Foundation Reinforcement
Calculation of structural and geotechnical capacity of piles and pile groups


Import: IFC, SDNF, PSS, CIS2, DXF, Excel (via spreadsheets)
Compatibility Amongst all GRAITEC Advance BIM Software


Powerful Results Spreadsheet Display, Compatible with Excel
Pre-defined Calculation Report for Steel and Timber
Interactive Display of Reinforcement Placement Results (Beams and Columns)


Deformation and Force Results Curves
Adjustable Amplitude Result Display
Interactive ISO Value Regions
Quantity Take-off Spreadsheet (Member Length and Section, Steel Volume)
Management of Envelope Combinations
Reinforcing Bar List for Concrete Sections
Time History Analysis with Results vs. Time
Stress in Composite Beam (with Construction Stages)
Losses in Pre-Stressed Cables due to Shrinkage and Creep
Design Load Rate and Live Load Capacity Factor (F) Display

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