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Steel Connection Designer

Quick and easy design of a variety of steel connections


Part of the GRAITEC BIM Designers, the Steel Connection Designer ensures the configuration of a seamless solution, with the ability to manage and calculate bolted and welded joints, and with fully detailed design reports that include the calculation formulas and reference to the design code.

The Steel Connection Designer makes it possible to quickly design a variety of connections in Advance Design projects and also has the ability to run independently as a standalone application.

Each steel connection complies with the Eurocodes.


Used in the design of single and multi-storey buildings, moment resisting connections can be bolted or welded and used for beam-to-column connections.
With the Steel Connection Designer, it is possible to design varied moment connections for Advance Design projects. The Connection Designer complies with various country codes. Prepare design reports, drawings and utilization rates and have them graphically displayed.
The moment connection connects a beam to a column.

An apex haunch connection connects two beams. Modify all parameters for stiffeners, plates, bolds, welds and materials.
Apex connections can be designed to various country codes with design reports, drawings and utilization rates graphically displayed.
With the Steel Connection Designer, you can edit the left and right beams and haunches and web stiffeners individually, set the start and end of all axis points and choose the preferred profile for each connection. Automatically run reports for all the verifications.

In line with EU codes, create and modify all aspects of base plate connections. All parameters of the connections can be modified - stiffeners, anchors, bolts, welds and the thickness, width and height of the base plate.

Moment Connections

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